Artisan Signature Blend White





15 mg/g

Format du Sachet


Substituts / boîte

16 g

A premium white portion snus by The Snus Factory and Snubie with extra strong kicks and a rich tobacco flavor! 

6,69 CHF
Artisan Signature Blend White is a premium snus manufactured by The Snus Factory in collaboration with Chad “Snubie” Jones that packs a high nicotine content and a robust tobacco blend. Its white portions deliver powerful and extra strong nicotine kicks (12 mg/portion) together with a pure tobacco flavor that has a rich and earthy character. The carefully selected tobacco leaves used are from India, Guatemala and the USA, and together they give this snus a nice rustic flavor profile. Its white and comfortable portions have somewhat dry surfaces that keep their drip down, which ensures that they provide a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine. You can now buy your Artisan Signature Blend White online right here at – Our snus and nicotine pouches are always fresh in stock and they all come with free shipping to Switzerland! 
Catégorie Large White Portion
Fabricant The Snus Factory
Marques Artisan
Nicotine/Sachet 12 mg/Port
Poids Net 16 g
Sachet 20
Saveurs Classique
Force Élevée
Teneur en nicotine 15 mg/g
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