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Siberia -80°C Slim Brown Portion

Siberia -80°C Slim Brown Portion has a nicotine level of 43 mg/g, making it one of the world’s strongest snus. The snus is flavored with a fresh spearmint taste. The moist, brown, original slim portions can deliver nicotine and flavors fast.

Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)
Tobacco weight (g): 20
Portions / Can: ~24
Available Since: 2017
Shipping Weight (g): 37
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint
Nicotine (mg/g): 43.0
Flavor Group: Fresh
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Ting Yuan C profile image

Snus Prince


Strong snus

Strong snus that brought up my tolerance. Smells refreshing and moist.

    Eugene K profile image

    Snus Esquire



    In compareson with Syberia white dry - these portions are soft and smooth!

      Danil B profile image

      God of Snus



      Was using it on every day basis for almost a year.
      Switched to weaker products cause if you use extra strong snus like siberia brown all the time - u cant really enjoy different products - u dont feel them at all.
      But i keep couple cans of Siberia brown in the freezer to use when i really need smth strong.
      Or after a good dinner so it hits the spot.

        Daniel E profile image

        Snus Esquire


        guter Snus

        Super Geschmack, angenehme Stärke. Saftet leider schnell. Bevorzuge daher Siberia slim white dry

          Nicola E profile image

          God of Snus


          Stabiler Snus

          Guter Snus wie alle Slim Snus von SIberia. Verwende ihn täglich :)

            Joel R profile image

            God of Snus


            Guter snus

            gleich wie der siberia mit den grossen beuteln, nur kleiner portionen, darum slim

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