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Looking for something that packs a powerful punch and that is also available at a great price? Try 24K by AM Swedish. Portion snus jam-packed with nicotine that comes in several different fresh and tasty flavors.

With huge selection of different products in its repertoire, 77 Pouches got something for every taste and preference! Choose between a bunch of refreshing and tasty flavors such as mint, cherry, tobacco and many more that come in strengths ranging from medium- to extra strong.

ACE by the Danish manufacturer Ministry of Snus is a tobacco free brand perfect for you who loves fresh flavors and nicotine kicks that packs a solid punch. Its high-quality and all-white nicotine pouches are expertly designed to deliver an incredibly satisfying experience in a discreet way!

Back in 1984, Catch Licorice was introduced and impressed snus enthusiasts with a fresh, exciting snus flavor. Since then many new variations have come to the market, including mini and extra dry formats. Today the Catch brand has a very modern product lineup and many more flavors than just licorice, for instance fresh eucalyptus and spearmint.

Chainsaw Cold White Dry - the powerful feeling of 22mg/g nicotine and mint in dry white pouches serves the equivalent of real chainsaw power packad in your snus can. First produced as Chew for the EU-market now finally and long awaited as Snus!

Crafted Snus is an exclusive brand targeting snus connoisseurs. The manufacturing process is based on unique handcraft and a recipe created by expert Conny Andersson. Scottish Single Malt Whisky is used to flavor the snus, together with some elements of fresh walnut and chocolate. The tobacco leaves are carefully selected. Available as original portion and white portion.

The Ettan snus brand is known for its genuine tobacco flavor and has basically tasted the same since it's introduction in the early 19th century. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf refined snus manufacturing methods to create amazing quality, known as No.1 which became a stand-alone brand as Ettan. Now it exists as loose, original portion and white portion snus.

Faro is a tobacco free and innovative brand by House of Smoke. Its high-quality pouches use a tea-leaf based filling

Fumi: Discreet and tobacco free nicotine pouches that prove that quality doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! The manufacturer The Snus Brothers have put together an impressive selection of exciting and refreshing flavors that are available in different strengths.

The next step forward for the traditional snus going in a more modern direction, its G.3, a snus with a huge selection of flavors and strengths to choose from. Put in Slim or Super Slim portions that have reduced drip and also treat you to a comfortable snus experience.

The next generation of General is here and it's name is G.4

All white portions that won't leave any trace of a tobacco flavor in your mouth, only the tasty sensation of minty flavors. With soft bags that fit comfortably under your lip. With a nice and long lasting flavor as well as a well deliverd nicotine kick. Join the new generation of snus with G.4!

General is a snus brand synonymous with tradition and a constant strive for perfection. The recipe was created 150 years ago by Johan A. Boman. By using over 20 types of tobacco and flavoring from bergamot oil, he created General's signature flavor with hints of citrus and pepper. Today you find General in many formats.

GN Organic is a modern, fresh brand from GN Tobacco AB that throws away the artificial components in favor of natural components. This is snus for those who like organic products with real organically grown ingredients. The brand has exciting varieties such as GN Organic Clove Explosion, flavored with organic cloves from Indonesia.

Göteborgs Prima Fint Snus is an old brand with strong tradition, famous for its solid tobacco flavor with a touch of sweeter elements such as dried fruits, giving it a very well-rounded character. It was first introduced in 1919 and has remained in its classic loose format ever since. The tobacco is fine-grained and very easy-to-bake.

Göteborgs Rapé Snus has found huge success thanks to being unique and innovative. It provides a fresh quality tobacco character with a touch of herbs and juniper berries. The origin goes back to 1919, but since then they have expanded into many different flavors and formats. Considered a must-try brand for all fans of classic Swedish snus.

Granit Snus is produced by Fiedler & Lundgren and was launched in 2004. It follows the strong Swedish snus tradition and is known for a very pure and powerful tobacco flavor. The brand is available as original portion, white portion and in a classic loose format. Made out of carefully selected tobacco leaves to ensure high quality.

Grov Snus is well-known for using tobacco leaves that have been coarsely ground, hence the name. The brand has a proud tradition dating back to the 19th century. It became popular, especially in the northern parts of Sweden, and since then the loose format has been expanded with different portion formats. Has a pure, spicy tobacco flavor.

Icetool has become a go-to brand for exclusive snus accessories. Among their most popular products are the snus cans for storing portion snus and their portioning tools, also known as portion syringes, for shaping a pinch/pris of loose snus. Icetool's accessories can be found in many different colors and are always made out of high quality materials.

Islay Whisky Snus is made according to old traditions and flavored with genuine Scottish whisky. The result is a brand that really stands out from the crowd. Due to the fresh experience it quickly grew in popularity and is offered as loose, original portion and white portion. A must-try for all fans of both whisky and snus.

With a tradition stretching back to 1897, Jakobssons's Snus is one of the oldest brands on the market. It's made by Gotlandssnus AB using only high quality ingredients. As the generations passed they have improved the lineup and introduced many new variations. Nowadays Jakobsson's can offer snus that suits anyone, including in modern slim, discreet format.

Kaliber is a straightforward snus brand that stays true to the great tradition of Swedish snus, even if it wasn't introduced until 2011. It provides a rich tobacco flavor with slight hints of citrus, herbs and red berries. Another advantage of Kaliber is the solid price, since it's considered one of Swedish Match AB's value brands.

Kapten Snus was introduced in 2013 by Danish AG Snus and pays homage to traditional Swedish snus at a very attractive price. It follows a strict quality standard and quickly became a major success. Nowadays it exists in many formats, including loose, original portion and white portion and with enticing flavors such as licorice, melon and mint.

Killa – Tobacco free nicotine pouches with refreshing flavors and killer kicks! Its all-white and slim portions are designed to fit discreetly under your lip and to deliver a long-lasting and intense release of both flavor and nicotine!

Knox Snus offers a traditional Swedish snus flavor at a very competitive price. It was launched in 2006 as a value brand by Skruf AB. Since then it's grown in popularity to become one of the biggest snus brands in all of Sweden. It comes in many different varieties and Knox never compromise on quality.

Kronan is traditional snus made by one of the giants on the market: Swedish Match AB. It caters to price concerned customers, but still manages to offer solid quality. Has a distinct tobacco flavor with hints of bergamot and citrus. In the product lineup there is loose, original portion and white portion and also stark (strong) varieties.

LOOP, a tobacco free brand by Another Snus Factory with a modern and fresh take on smokeless nicotine products! Its all white and slim nicotine pouches come in many different and tasty flavors and they all deliver an instant and long-lasting release of flavor and nicotine.

Lundgren Snus is a premium brand from Fiedler & Lundgren, a proud Swedish tobacco company with a tradition stretching back to a tailor in Gothenburg who 1783 started snus-manufacturing. Nowadays they are based in Malmö and are using their experience to produce some of the best snus on the market. Contains ecologically grown tobacco from Skåne, Sweden.

Refresh yourself with LYFT! It’s tobacco free, it's full with flavor and it's packed with stimulating nicotine. These innovative and slim nicotine pouches improves on the famous EPOK Snus formula and delivers an even fresher and whiter experience. Nothing is lost (well, except the tobacco) only gained!

Mocca is a brand from Fiedler & Lundgren. The snus is characterized by a somewhat sweet tobacco flavor, not as distinct as in many traditional brands. It's also only available with normal nicotine content and comes with modern flavors such as mint, licorice and spearmint. Delivered in beautiful metal cans and also uses a practical mini format.

In 2015 Swedish Match AB launched Mustang Snus as a budget brand with a rock solid traditional tobacco flavor. It's based on a well-balanced classical recipe with some slight hints of citrus, coffee and dried fruits without going extreme in any direction. At the core it's simple snus that gets the job done for a great price.

The snus brand Nick and Johnny was launched in Norway in 2006 with the goal to challenge how ordinary snus tastes and feels. With its fresh modern attitude and strong nicotine it quickly gained a following. Now Nick and Johnny has spread across the world with modern flavors such as Crushed Ice, Red Hot and Americana.

Experience the ultimate nicotine kick with the Nicotine Pouches by NICO from Swedish manufacturer The Snusfactory.

Nordic Spirit and its tobacco free nicotine pouches deliver an experience truly worthy its name. It provides the same full-bodied and satisfying feel as a traditional snus but in a fresher and more discreet way!

Oden's Snus is showing promising growth in the last decade thanks to a huge lineup of quality products, offered at very affordable prices. It's manufactured by GN Tobacco AB in Enköping, Sweden. You can find it as loose, original portion and white portion and with many different nicotine strengths, including the ultra strong Oden's Extreme-series.

Back in 2006 Offroad Snus saw the light of day. Behind it stands V2 Tobacco A/S, a renowned manufacturer from Denmark. The brand became a success due to low price and an overall great snus experience. Exists in formats such as loose, original portion, white portion and mini. Also features many exciting flavors.

Olde Ving is manufactured by GN Tobacco and aims to impress snus enthusiasts with new exciting flavors while still staying true to the proud Swedish snus tradition. The brand has varieties with fudge and coffee taste. It only comes in portion format and thanks to the great quality Olde Ving gives a long-lasting and satisfying snus experience.

Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco is a brand of flavored tobacco bits, hand-rolled and optimally shaped for easy consumption. Placed under the lip where the flavor and natural nicotine content is released, similar to how snus is enjoyed. Comes in many different flavors including original (licorice), eucalyptus, mint and tropical. Produced by House of Oliver Twist A/S.

The tobacco free on! with its flavorsome and tobacco free nicotine pouches is an innovative brand that comes in a range of different rich and refreshing flavors!

Pablo – One of, if not the strongest tobacco free brand on the market! Pablo’s all-white nicotine pouches pack extremely high nicotine contents (up to 30 mg/portion) and they all provide an ice-cold burst of mint, making them to a perfect choice for the experienced user who’s looking to take their nicotine experience to the next level!

The inspiration for Phantom Snus stretches back hundreds of years to the old Scandinavian snus tradition. Manufactured by V2 Tobacco A/S from Denmark and one of their most successful brands thanks to the great price to quality ratio. Available as loose, original portion, white portion and mini. Has natural flavors making use of herbs and spices.

Experience a unique tobacco experience with the premium snus from PUCK by Swedish manufacturer The Snusfactory.

R42 – A super strong snus experience! This brand of white portion snus from Swedish Match is bursting to the seams with nicotine and in its powerful selection you’ll find a big variation of minty, fruity and classic snus flavors.

Röda Lacket can trace its origin all the way back to 1850. That makes it one of the oldest snus brands together with Ettan. Behind it stood Peter Schwarts with his successful snus factory in Norrköping. Over the years it spread in all of Sweden, much thanks to its mild, fruity taste with hints of licorice.

Shiro is a tobacco free brand from the Danish manufacturer AG Snus. These all white nicotine pouches deliver one of the freshest and most discreet experience on the market!

Siberia Snus is a brand that stands out due to its legendary nicotine strength. The brown power portion and the white dry portion in the Siberia -80 Degrees-series contains an astonishing 43 mg/g. Characterized by powerful tobacco flavor with strong hints of mint. Manufactured by GN Tobacco AB out of high quality ingredients.

Skruf Snus launched in 2003 and quickly became one of the most successful snus brands in Sweden. It's produced with genuine organic tobacco grown in Brazil and USA. The snus is quality controlled to ensure all products in the lineup deliver an excellent experience. Skruf comes in many formats and with modern flavors such as cranberries.

Swag: A tobacco free brand by AM Swedish that is loaded with refreshing flavors and stimulating nicotine! Its all-white and slim nicotine pouches are optimized for a comfortable fit and primed to deliver an instantaneous but also long-lasting release of flavor and nicotine.

Swave, the first tobacco free & all white brand from Gotlandssnus. Its slim and strong nicotine pouches deliver long-lasting and tasty flavors inspired by the summer and popular cocktails!

The Lab Snus was introduced in 2008 and really took snus to the next level by collecting input from scientists, fans and designers to form a modern brand. It has slim portions that are both discreet and comfortable. The Lab also comes with many exciting flavors and varieties with extra strong nicotine.

Thunder Snus from Danish V2 Tobacco has taken the world by storm thanks to exciting flavors and really strong nicotine. Comes with many different flavors, most commonly minty or fruity in character. One of the most popular series to order online. A major reason is the great selection of different variations at very reasonable prices.

Tre Ankare is a piece of snus history as it in 1977 became Swedish Match's first portion snus. Due to the convenient usage and delicious flavor it quickly became a success. It has a distinct tobacco character, slightly smoky in nature with some herbal hints. Nowadays it still exists as traditional white portion snus.

U Sample by AG snus is an modern brand that builds upon two centuries of tradition and expertise. These white slim portion snus uses carefully selected tobacco and deliver long lasting flavors together with extra strong and stimulating nicotine kicks.

Velo by BAT is a tobacco free premium brand with a big and varied selection of flavors and strengths! Velo’s all-white nicotine pouches are designed with discretion in mind, and they all provide long-lasting releases of both flavor and nicotine.

VIKA is a quality brand with both tobacco free nicotine pouches and swedish snus in its selection! Their strengths range from strong to ultra-strong and they come in flavors such as cool mint and fruity strawberry-lime!

Experience refreshingly tasty flavors and satisfying kicks with VOLT! This tobacco free brand from Swedish Match stands out from the crowd with its exciting flavor combinations, varied selection of strengths and modern design!

Buckle up and get ready for extra strong nicotine kicks and extra fresh mint flavors with White Fox! These GN Tobacco manufactured and tobacco free nicotine pouches provides a discreet yet satisfyingly stimulating experience.

Wisby by Gotlandssnus is a brand inspired by the island of Gotland and the town of Visby. Its white portions deliver strong kicks together with a mild and well-rounded tobacco flavor topped with delicious aromas from the Gotlandic flora!

YOYO by Nordic Noir is a tobacco free brand that delivers flavors inspired by iconic cities from around the world. Its all-white and slim nicotine pouches provide an instant and long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine, making YOYO incredibly satisfying to enjoy!

ZYNs tobacco free nicotine pouches got you covered on all fronts. They’re discreet, they’re packed with fresh flavors and they’re filled to the brim with nicotine. The expert over at Swedish Match has really strucked gold with this one!

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