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 All white snus and nicotine pouches are getting more popular by the day and LYFT leads the way! These tobacco free nicotine pouches are packed with refreshing flavors and stimulating nicotine. LYFT provides the same rich and full sensation as any other top quality Swedish snus but without potential brown stains on your teeth and the hassle of keeping it refrigerated in order to stay fresh.


Innovative, refreshing and flavorsome

In order to produce a product even whiter than the already All White EPOK Snus the manufacturer Fiedler & Lundgren had to make some innovative and fine adjustments to the production process. LYFTs predecessor EPOK used a small amount of tobacco together with natural fibers from eucalyptus and pine as filling. This time around LYFT goes all in on the natural fibers making it truly All White while providing the exact same full and gratifying feel as before. Combine this with energetic nicotine kicks (medium strenght to extra strong) along with refreshing flavors (mint, lime, melon, licorice and blueberry) and you’re in for a marvelous ride that is sure to satisfy all your all white needs!

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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